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About the Lessons

Lessons are taught with an overall focus on good technique. A firm foundation in holding the instrument, body positioning and sound production is invaluable for fast and continual progress. All lessons are adapted to the learner's needs and can be focussed on a variety of styles of music.

Lesson Lengths

The length of lessons depends upon the learner's ability. For beginner and intermediate students I recommend no more than half an hour. This short focussed one-to-one tutition time is perfect for basic techniques and does not become arduous for younger students. For more advanced learners (Grade 5 and above), I recommend an hour tutition session allowing a more in-depth look at theory and advanced techniques.

What should Students bring?

Ideally the learner should bring:

It is important for beginners to have an instrument that suits their size and style. If you do not have an instrument as a beginner I have a selection of student instruments that can be used during the initial lessons. These are only recommended for a short period of time, and it should be noted that without access to an instrument at home, progress will be drastically slower.


Practise is vitally important for the progress of a learner, and it is important for them to develop a practise routine that suits them. Each student is shown what to practise at the end of a session and this is logged in their schedule.

How to practise

Can schools help fund lessons?

If you are learning in school, many schools can choose to help fund lessons if your child is in reciept of Pupil Premium. Pupil Premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools to raise attainment of disadvantaged pupils. To find out more about this, contact your school's office.